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I. Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

Directions: There are20 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choicesmarked A., B., C. and D. Choose the ONE answer that bestcompletes the sentence. Then write down your answer on the Answer Sheet.

1.The questionis _____ me and I have no idea of it.

A. beyond

B. over

C. beside

D. above


【解析】句意:我不懂这个题,一点儿也不理解。beyond sb.意为“为某人所不能理解,超出某人的能力范围”。

2.The outputof our company this month is _____ that of last month.

A. twice as much as

B. twice as much

C. twice many as

D. twice as many as



3.Hardly had Igot home _____ the telephone rang.

A. then

B. when

C. as

D. than



4.By the timeyou get back, I _____ all the work.

A. would finish

B. will have finished

C. has finished

D. had finished


【解析】句意:你回来时,我就完成所有的工作了。by the time到……时,表将来。强调将来某个时间已完成,所以用将来完成时will have done形式。

5.It’srequired that the students _____ the term paper tomorrow.

A. finished

B. finish

C. will finish

D. may finish


【解析】句意:所有学生被要求明天必须完成学期论文。表达“命令、要求、建议”等意义的主语从句需用虚拟语气,形式为should+动词原形,should可省略。所以本题填(should) finish。

6.All studentsare eager to know _____ they will pass the exam or not.

A. if

B. that

C. whether

D. why



7.When thecouple _____ here, they _____ to the park.

A. will come; will go

B. come; go

C. will come; go

D. come; will go



8.—I cannotfind Tom anywhere.

—He _____ have been off long. I heard him make acall just now.

A. shouldn’t

B. can’t

C. mustn’t

D. needn’t


【解析】句意:我刚才还听见他打电话了,因此他一定没走多远。can’t have done不可能做了某事。shouldn’t have done表示本不应该做某事(实际却做了)。mustn’t have done表示禁止做某事。needn’t have done指的是本来没必要做某事(实际上却做了)。

9.No matter who he is, young or old, people’sstate of mind tends to keep _____ with the rapid change of society.

A. contact

B. progress

C. touch

D. pace


【解析】句意:无论谁,无论年轻还是年老,心态都会随着社会的快速变化而改变。keep pace with与……并驾齐驱,与……同步。

10.To tell you the truth, it’s very hard for us tohelp them get rid of Internet addiction. But we _____ on this problem trying to improve thesituation.

A. worked

B. had worked

C. are working

D. had been working



11.When Mr.Green retired, his son _____ the business from him.

A. took off

B. took over

C. took down

D. took after


【解析】句意:格林先生退休后,他的儿子会继承他的事业。take over接管,接手。take off起飞。take down写下,记录。take after与……长得像。

12.The population bomb is a _____ that has alreadyhappened in some parts of the world, with terrible results.

A. distress

B. miracle

C. disaster

D. giant


【解析】句意:人口爆炸性增长已经在世界上一些地区发生了,是场灾难,已经造成了严重后果。由terrible results可知前面应填表示否定意义的词。miracle奇迹。B项排除。giant巨人,不符合句意,D项也排除。distress 贫困;悲伤。A项虽表示否定意义,但也不符合句意。

13.Hewas _____ to be clever but dishonest.

A. thought as

B. thinking

C. thought

D. to think


【解析】句意:他被认为很聪明但是不诚实。think是及物动词,与he是被动关系,所以用过去分词形式。to be clever作主语he 的补足语。think一般不与as连用。表示“将……视作……”时,一般用consider/regard...as。

14.After the synthetic _____, engineers had a better choice for materials for construction.

A. had been developed

B. had developed

C. to be developed

D. being developed


【解析】句意:这一合成物发明以后,工程师在建筑材料上有了更好的选择。after表明从句中的动作发生在主句动作之前,而主句中had表明主句动作已发生,所以从句中的动作是“过去的过去”,所以用过去完成时had done形式。而且合成物是被发明,用被动语态。

15.Hisparents died when he was young, so he _____ by his grandma.

A. was bred

B. was fed

C. was brought up

D. was grown up


【解析】句意:他年轻时父母就去世了,所以他是由他姨母抚养长大的。bring up抚养。breed指饲养,培育(动植物)。feed指喂食。growup长大,是及物的,没有被动语态。

16.I do wish you could_____ these sheets of papertogether.

A. mend

B. repair

C. paste

D. patch



17.Grading of oral tests is quite _____.

A. objective

B. subjective

C. optimistic

D. pessimistic


【解析】句意:口语考试的打分是相当主观的。subjective 主观的。objective客观的。optimistic积极的,乐观的。pessimistic消极的,悲观的。

18.Itis easier to aim at a _____ than at a moving target.

A. stationary

B. stationery

C. stable

D. reliable



19.Sheis now in _____ of happiness with her family members.

A. closure

B. pursuit

C. credibility

D. phenomenon


【解析】句意:她们一家人在追求幸福生活。in pursuit of固定搭配,表示追求……。

20.In Britain, the Prince of Wales is _____ to the throne.

A. advisor

B. heir

C. owner

D. protector



II. Cloze (20 points)

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the followingpassage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B,Cand D. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then writedown your answer on the Answer Sheet.

A great deal ofattention is being paid today to the so-called digital divide—the division ofthe world into the info (information) rich and the info poor. And that  21  does exist today. My wife and I lectured about this looming dangertwenty years ago. What was less  22   then,however, were the new, positive  23   that workagainst the digital divide  24  , there are reasons tobe  25  .

There aretechnological reasons to hope the digital divide will narrow. As the Internetbecomes more and more   26  , it is in the interest ofbusiness to universalize access-after all, the more people online, the morepotential  27   there are. More and more  28 , afraid their countries will be left  29  , want tospread Internet access. Within the next decade or two, one to two billionpeople on the planet will be  30   together. As aresult, I now believe the digital divide will  31   ratherthan widen in the years ahead. And that is very good news because the Internetmay well be the most powerful tool for  32   worldpoverty that we’ve ever had.

Of course, theuse of the Internet isn’t the only way to  33   poverty.And the Internet is not the only tool we have. But it has  34  potential.

To  35  advantage of this tool, some poor countries will have to get overtheir outdated anti-colonial prejudices   36  respect toforeign investment. Countries that still think foreign investment is a/an  37  of their sovereignty might well study the history of  38 (the basic structural foundations of a society) in the United States. Whenthe United States built its industrial infrastructure, it didn’t have thecapital to do so. And that is  39   America’sSecond Wave infrastructure  40   roads, harbors,highways, ports and so on—were built with foreign investment.

21.A. divide

B. information

C. world

D. lecture

22.A. obscure

B. visible

C. invisible

D. indistinct

23.A. forces

B. obstacles

C. events

D. surprises

24.A. Seriously

B. Entirely

C. Actually

D. Continuously

25.A. negative

B. optimistic

C. pleasant

D. disappointed

26.A. developed

B. centralized

C. realized


27.A. users

B. producers

C. customers

D. citizens

28.A. enterprises

B. governments

C. officials

D. customers

29.A. away

B. for

C. aside

D. behind

30.A. netted

B. worked

C. put

D. organized

31.A. decrease

B. narrow

C. neglect

D. low

32.A. containing

B. preventing

C. keeping

D. combating

33.A. win

B. detail

C. defeat

D. fear

34.A. enormous

B. countless

C. numerical

D. big

35.A. bring

B. keep

C. hold

D. take

36.A. at

B. with

C. of

D. for

37.A. offence

B. investment

C. invasion

D. insult

38.A. construction

B. facility


D. institution

39.A. why

B. where

C. when

D. how

40.A. concerning

B. concluding

C. according

D. including


21.A  由文中第一行的digital divide得出答案。

22.B  obscure模糊的,不清楚的。visible看得见的,明显的。invisible看不见的。indistinct不清楚的,模糊的。空格前的less已有否定意义。

23.A  force力量,武力。obstacle障碍。event事件。surprise惊奇,诧异。句意:现在有新的、乐观的力量来对抗数字鸿沟。

24.C  seriously认真地。entirely完全的。actually实际上。continuously 连续地。

25.B  前文说有积极的力量在对抗数字鸿沟的不利因素,因此,实际上我们有理由保持乐观的态度。

26.D  develop发展。centralize集中。realize认识到。commercialize使商业化,由下文“网络有利于商业途径的普及”,可知此处表述的意思是网络越来越商业化。in the interest of...为了……的利益。

27.C  user使用者。producer生产者。customer消费者。citizen公民。句意:越多的人上网就有越多的潜在消费者。

28.B  enterprise企业,事业。government政府。official官员。句意:越来越多的政府害怕他们的国家……。

29.D  leave behind 留下,超过。

30.A  网络把人们联系在一起,选netted。

31.B  decrease减少。narrow变窄。neglect忽视,疏忽。low降低。句意:因此,我现在认为数字鸿沟是在变窄而不是在拓宽。

32.D  contain包含,容纳。prevent防止,阻止。keep保留,保持。combat战斗,搏斗。

33.C  win赢得。detail详述,细说。defeat击败,战胜。fear畏惧。

34.A  enormous巨大的。countless无数的。numerical数字的。potential作名词为不可数,不能用countless修饰,big一般表示尺寸、数字、范围上的大。

35.D  take advantage of 利用。

36.B  with respect to 关于,至于 with也可换成in.

37.C  offence冒犯。investment投资。invasion入侵。insult侮辱。

38.C  construction建筑。facility设备。infrastructure基础设施。institution公共机构,制度。从后文中出现的infrastructure可以轻易得到答案。

39.A  表语从句,表示原因,“这也就是为什么……”。

40.D  concerning关于。concluding结束的。according根据。including包括。基础设施包括街道、海港、高速公路等,所以用include。

III. ReadingComprehension (30 points)

Directions: There are three passages in thispart. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. Foreach of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide onthe best choice and write down your answer on the Answer Sheet.

Passage 1

Planet Earth wasstricken by floods, drought and fire in 1997, a year which ended with the world’smajor polluters quarreling about ways to prevent further environment disaster.

The 160 nationsattending a UN conference on global warming billed as one of the most vitalever held,finallyreached a consensus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions through the nextdecade.

The climate wasdominated in the latter part of the year by El Nino, a swelling of warmer wateroff the South American coast which affects global weather patterns. “I thinkfor sure the most dramatic thing has been the El Nino phenomenon that has beenexperienced throughout the tropics,” said Hefrey Sayer, director-general of theInternational Centre for Forestry Research. El Nino is being blamed forwidespread floods and drought in the tropics, and has affected other areas aswell.

El Nino calledby Peruvian fisherman after the Christ Child because of its appearance aroundChristmas, is being blamed for widespread floods and drought in the tropics,and has affected other areas as well.

A majordemonstration of the phenomenon was drought-intensified bush fires in Indonesiathat spread smog across large areas of Southern Asia before badly-delayed rainsstarted to fall in late November. Floods swept arid Somalia in East Africa,while the rain forests of Indonesia’s Irian Jaya dried out and hundreds oftribes’ people died from starvation and disease. Apart from El Nino, easternand central Europe suffered the worst floods in living memory in early July,with over 100 people killed and many thousands of families displaced throughthe region and eastern Germany.

In the ancientJapanese capital of Kyoto, a UN gathering of 159 countries on global warmingfinally agreed on cutting greenhouse gas emissions through the next decadeafter 11 days of confused and uncontrolled negotiations. The conferenceaccepted scientific evidence that heating of the Earth’s surface by gasestrapped in the atmosphere causes more and fiercer storms, expanding deserts,melting polar ice and raising sea levels which threaten to flood low-lyingislands.

US VicePresident Al Gore called the Kyoto agreement “a vital turning point”, but addedthat more still needed to be done.

41.This passage mainly talks about _____.

A. globalweather patterns

B.environmental disasters on earth

C. the El Ninophenomenon

D. a gatheringon global warming

42.The word “polluters” (Par. 1) refers tothose _____ which have polluted the environment.

A. planets

B. countries

C. companies

D. people

43.In July, 1997, many families in easternand central Europe were displaced because _____.

A. there was awar in that region

B. rains werebadly delayed there

C. theysuffered the worst bush fires in living memory

D. theysuffered the worst floods in living memory

44.Which of the following is NOT mentionedas the El Nino phenomenon?

A. Flood.

B. Desert.

C. Fire.

D. Earthquake.

45.According to this passage, El Nino ismainly caused by _____.

A. the cuttingdown of trees

B. the gasemissions

C. the meltingof polar ice

D. the swellingof warmer water


41.D  文章最后两段和第一、二段相呼应,讲的都是联合国针对气候变暖召开的会议,而厄尔尼诺现象以及引起的灾害是会议召开的原因。所以主要内容还是这次会议。

42.B  第二段段首The 160 nations attending a UN conference on global warming指出160个国家参加联合国气候变化会议,所以第一段中谈到的争论如何防止环境灾害的主体是世界上最主要的几个造成环境污染的国家。所以polluter指的是国家。

43.D  倒数第三段最后一句Apart from El Nino, eastern and central Europe suffered the worstfloods in living memory in early July, with over 100 people killed and manythousands of families displaced through the region and eastern Germany.指出,中欧、东欧国家在1997年7月初遭遇了记忆中最严重的洪灾,导致了上千家庭流离失所。

44.D  文中只提到了厄尔尼诺现象引发的洪灾、旱灾和森林火灾,故A、C正确。B项desert在倒数第二段最后一句中提到了。全文并没有提到地震。

45.B  A项在文中根本没有提及,C、D两项与厄尔尼诺现象一样,是温室气体排放造成的结果。因此,B项为正确答案。

Passage 2

Trees are usefulto man in three very important ways: they provide him with wood and otherproducts; they give him shade; and they help to prevent droughts and floods.

Unfortunately,man has not realized that the third of these services is the most important.Two thousand years ago a rich and powerful country cut down its trees to buildwarships, with which to gain itself an empire. It gained the empire, but,without its trees, its soil became hard and poor. When the empire fell topieces, the home country found itself faced by flood and starvation.

Even though agovernment realizes the importance of a plentiful supply of trees, it isdifficult for it to persuade villagers to see this. The villagers want wood tocook their food with; and they can earn money by selling wood. They are usuallytoo lazy to plant and look after the trees. So, unless the government has agood system of control, or can educate the people, the forests will slowlydisappear.

This does not onlymean that the villagers’ children and grandchildren will have fewer trees. Theresults are even more serious, for where there are trees their roots break thesoil up allowing the rain to sink in— and also bind the soil, thus preventingits being washed away easily but where there are no trees, the rain falls onhard ground and flows away from the surface, causing flood.

46.What is the most important function oftrees?

A. Providingfuel.

B. Offeringshade.

C. Preventingnatural disaster.

D. Providingwood.

47.What eventually happened to the empirein the paragraph?

A. Its peopledied of hunger.

B. It fell topieces.

C. It became agiant empire.

D. It builtmany ships with wood.

48.It is implied in the passage that thevillagers _____.

A. want aplentiful supply of trees

B. wantfirewood badly

C. just want toget money

D. don’t realizethe importance of trees

49.The role of trees is to _____.

A. loosen soil

B. keep soil inposition

C. harden soil

D. both A and B

50.What is the passage mainly concernedwith?

A. The benefitsof trees.

B. Trees andsoil protection.

C. The varioususes of trees.

D. Differentattitudes toward trees.


46.C  第二段第一句说树木的第三项功能是最重要的,也就是第一段提到的they help to prevent droughts and floods.树木能帮助预防旱灾和洪灾。所以C项“预防自然灾害”是树木最重要的功能。

47.B  第二段说到,曾有一个强国,砍伐大量树木来造战船,用战船得到了一个帝国,但是本国因为没有树木,土质变硬。最终帝国解体时,本国发生了旱灾和饥荒。所以该国所得到的帝国最终解体了。所以B项正确。A项“有很多人饿死”是本国的最终命运,而不是该国建立的帝国的最后命运。

48.D  第三段中说到,村民用树木做饭,或是把树木卖掉赚钱。所以可以看出,村民并没有意识到树木的重要性。

49.D  最后一段their roots break the soil up allowing the rain to sink in说明深深扎进土壤的树根能够允许雨水渗入,说明树木能使土壤变得松软,对应A项。bindthe soil后面 thuspreventing its being washed away easily防止被冲走,这说明bind是“固定住”的意思,对应B项。

50.A  本文第一段讲的是树木的三项功能,第二段指出第三项功能—防止自然灾害是最重要的,举出了史上一强国因砍伐树木而最终深受洪灾、饥荒之苦的例子。第三段指出村民意识不到树木的重要性,政府需要教育村民保护树木。最后一段说明了树木能防止洪灾的具体原理。所以整篇文章强调的还是树木的重要性。

Passage 3

The blues was bornon the Mississippi River Delta in the early 1900s. After the Civil War, theslaves were free but life was still not easy. They had to find new work. In theSouth, work camps were formed. Black people from these camps worked on farmsand on building up the Mississippi River banks. During the week the peopleworked long and hard. They often lived alone, without their families, far fromhome. On the weekends, the workers got together at picnics or drinking places.Traveling black musicians with guitars entertained them. The musicians sangsongs about the difficult life of the workers. These songs were called theblues.

If you have theblues it means you feel very sad. You can have the blues because you have nomoney, no job, no lover, no home, or no friend. You can have the St. Louisblues, the Memphis blues, or the Monday morning blues. Maybe you have had thehomework blues or the examination blues. But blues songs were not always sad.Some of them were happy and many of them were funny.

Blues was a newkind of music. In blues songs some notes were flattened (降半音的). These notes were called“blue notes”. They made the music sound sad and different.

Early bluessingers often had very interesting names like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Howlin’Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Lead belly. Sometimes the blues singers had songcontests. Each singer sang new words or a new style of the blues song. Theymade up the music as they played. In this way they created new music. This iscalled improvisation (即兴演奏). Later, improvisation became a very important part of jazz music.

Blues began inthe country in the South. As blacks moved into the big cities to work, theblues went with them. There, they sang about life in the cities. W.C. Handy, ablack band leader from Memphis made the blues popular all over America. In 1914he wrote the most famous blues song of all, “The St. Louis Blues”.

51.This passage is mainly concerned with _____.

A. the birth ofAmerican country music

B. the birth ofjazz music

C. the birth ofAmerican popular music

D. the birth ofthe blues

52.Blues songs were often about _____.

A. the hardlife of black people

B. the lonelylife of black people

C. the happyand funny life of black people

D. the hardlife of slaves

53.In the early 1900s, black people often got together at somedrinking places on weekends mainly because _____.

A. they hadfound new work

B. they hadworked long and hard during weekdays

C. they oftenlived alone, without their families

D. they weregood at singing and dancing

54.Improvization came into being when theblues singers _____.

A. had songcontests

B. sang a newstyle of music

C. sang newwords

D. made up themusic as they played

55.According to the passage, which of thefollowing statements is true?

A. After theCivil War, most black people found jobs in factories.

B. No bluessongs were about life in the cities.

C. The blues waspopular only in the country.

D. The blueswas born in the country in the South.


51.D  这篇文章主要叙述了美国黑人民歌(the blues)的产生和发展过程。20世纪初,流浪黑人乐手为在密西西比河岸上劳作的黑人们演唱,歌唱他们艰难的生活,由此产生了这种忧郁的民歌。其后,随着黑人们来到大城市工作,这种民歌也进入城市,并在全国流行起来。

52.A  文章的第一段提到“乐手们唱着描述工人(即黑人)们艰难生活的歌曲”。依据此句可选出A项。该项的意思是,“黑人民歌的内容常是关于黑人的艰难生活的”。

53.C  据文中第一段的信息“平时这些人长期艰苦地工作。他们常常独自居住,没有家人,远离家乡。在周末,这些工人就聚在一起野餐、饮酒”,可选出正确选项。

54.D  This is called improvisation的前两句They made up the music asthey played. In this way they created new music.说明,蓝调歌手一边演奏一边创作音乐。以这种方式,他们创作除了新的音乐。所以即兴演奏方式是在边演奏边创作的过程中形成的。

55.D  最后一段第一句Blues began in the country in the South.表明,蓝调音乐是在美国南部诞生的。故D项正确。

IV. Translation (15points)

Directions: Read the following passage carefullyand translate the underlined sentences into Chinese. Please write your versionin the corresponding space on your Answer Sheet.

Shopping forclothes is not the same experience for a man as it is for a woman. A man goesshopping because he needs something. His purpose is settled and decided in advance.He knows what he wants and his objective is to find it and buy it; the price isa secondary consideration. All men simply walk into a shop and ask theassistant for what they want. (1) If the shop has it in stock, the salesmanpromptly produces it, and the business of trying it on proceeds at once.(2) all being well, the deal can be and often is completed in less than fiveminutes, with hardly any chat and to everyone’s satisfaction.

For a man,slight problems may begin when the shop does not have what he wants, or doesnot have exactly what he wants. (3) In that case, the salesman, as the nameimplies, tries to sell the customer something else. He offers the nearest hecan to the article required. No good salesman brings out such a substitutebluntly; he does so with skill and polish: “I know this jacket is not the styleyou want, sir, but would you like to try it for size? It happens to be thecolor you mentioned.” Few men have patience with this treatment, and the usualresponse is “This is the right color and may be the right size, but I should bewasting my time and yours by trying it on.”

Now how does awoman go about buying clothes? (4) In almost every respect she does so inthe opposite way. Her shopping is not often based on need. She has neverfully made up her mind what she wants, and she is only “having a look round.”She is always open to persuasion; indeed she sets great store by what thesaleswoman tells her, even by what companions tell her. She will try on anynumber of things. Uppermost in her mind is the thought of finding somethingthat everyone thinks suits her. (5) Contrary to a lot of jokes, most womenhave an excellent sense of value when they buy clothes. They are always on thelookout for the unexpected bargain. Faced with a roomful of dresses, awoman may easily spend an hour going from one rail to another, to and fro,often retracting her steps, before selecting the dresses she wants to try on.It is a laborious process, but apparently an enjoyable one. Most dress shopsprovide chairs for the waiting husbands.


(1) 如果商店里有,售货员会立刻出示给他们,而他们也会马上试穿。

(in stock有现货。proceed继续进行;继续做。)

(2) 如果合适,交易会马上结束,前后时间不会超过5 分钟,绝没有额外的聊天而且皆大欢喜。

(hardly几乎不,几乎没有。to everyone’s satisfaction每个人都满意。根据语境,这里指的是售货员和男顾客都感到满意。)

(3) 在这种情况下,正如这个职位名称所暗示的一样,售货员会尽力推荐给他们别的东西,最接近他们需求的东西。


(4) 在各个方面,女人买衣服和男人都是不一样的。)

(in every respect在各个方面。

(5) 和许多笑话所讲内容相反,买衣服时大多数女人都能很好地判断衣服的价值。她们总是密切留意着有没有正在打折促销的衣服。

(on the lookout for留心,注意。bargain价格比平常低的便宜货。)

V. Writing (15 points)

Directions: For this part, you are asked to writea composition entitled “Computer—a Good Friend”. You should write at least 100words and base your composition on the outline below:

1.Nowadays computers are widely used inmodern society.

2.They help people in different ways.

3.They also offer entertainment to people.


Computer––aGood Friend

Nowadayscomputers are widely used in modern society. In the workplace, staff rely oncomputers to do their work, such as accounting, editing, writing a report, programming,composing, etc. At home, people enjoy the fun provided by computers. They playcomputer games, listen to music, or watch programs. It seems that we can’t livewithout computers.

Computersbenefit us in many aspects. First and foremost, the use of computersfacilitates students’ study and workers’ work. When students have difficulty insolving some problems in their study, they can always resort to computers forhelp. In addition, the use of computers can improve working efficiency.Secondly, in free time, people can watch movies, TV dramas, variety shows,documentaries on computers which have big screens and high definition. Peoplecan choose whatever they are interested in to watch.

On the whole, Ibelieve computer is a blessing to people because it is useful and entertaining.