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I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology intotheir target language respectively. There are altogether 30 items in this partof the test, 15 in English and 15 in Chinese, with one point for each. (30points;30’)


【答案】人工智能(artificial intelligence)查看答案


【答案】智商(intelligence quotient)查看答案


【答案】消费物价指数(Consumer Price Index)查看答案


【答案】国际奥林匹克委员会(International Olympic Committee)查看答案


【答案】全球定位系统(Global Position System)查看答案


【答案】亚太经贸合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)查看答案


【答案】国际标准图书编号(International Standard Book Number)查看答案


【答案】美国国家航空航天局(National Aeronautics AndSpace Administration)查看答案


【答案】在家上班族(Small Office/Home Office)查看答案

10.The U.S Chamber of Commerce


11.the Best Dubbing Award


12.European Monetary System


13.International Atomic Energy Agency


14.World Intellectual Property Organization


15.Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of NuclearWeapons



【答案】joint declaration查看答案


【答案】higher education查看答案


【答案】virtual community查看答案


【答案】foreign exchange reserve查看答案




【答案】simultaneous interpretation查看答案


【答案】expand domestic demand查看答案


【答案】capital market查看答案


【答案】sports lottery查看答案


【答案】diplomatic practice查看答案


【答案】put aside minor differences so as to seek common ground查看答案


【答案】disposable chopsticks查看答案


【答案】principle of equality and mutual benefit查看答案


【答案】Olympic Torch Relay 查看答案


【答案】maintain stability and prosperity of Hong Kong查看答案

II Directions: Translate the following two source texts into their targetlanguage respectively. (120points; 150’)

Source Text 1 (60 points):

A person, like acommodity, needs packaging. But going too far is absolutely undesirable. Alittle exaggeration, however, does no harm when it shows the person’s uniquequalities to their advantage. To display personal charm in a casual and naturalway, it is important for one to have a clear knowledge of oneself. A masterpackager knows how to integrate art and nature without any traces ofembellishment, so that the person so packaged is no commodity but a humanbeing, lively and lovely.

A young person,especially a female, radiant with beauty and full of life, has all the favorgranted by God. Any attempt to make up would be self-defeating. Youth, however,comes and goes in a moment of doze. Packaging for the middle aged is primarilyto conceal the furrows ploughed by time. If you still enjoy life’s exuberance enoughto retain self-confidence and pursue pioneering work, you are unique in your naturalqualities, and your charm and grace will remain. Elderly people are beautiful iftheir river of life has been, through plains, mountains and jungles, runningits course as it should. You have really lived your life which now arrives at acomplacent stage of serenity indifferent to fame or wealth. There is no need toresort to hair-dyeing, the snow-capped mountain is itself a beautiful scene offairyland. Let your looks change from young to old synchronizing with thenatural aging process so as to keep in harmony with nature, for harmony itselfis beauty, while the other way round will only end in unpleasantness. To be inthe elder’s company is like reading a thick book of deluxe edition thatfascinates one so much as to be reluctant to part with. As long as one findswhere one stands, one knows how to package oneself, just as a commodityestablishes its brand by the right packaging. (328 words)

【Key words】 embellishment 修饰  deluxe edition 精装版




Source Text 2 (60 points):

国家主席胡锦涛5月6日下午在人民大会堂会见了以校长理查德·莱文为团长的美国耶鲁大学百名师生代表团,与他们合影留念并发表了热情洋溢的讲话。胡锦涛首先代表中国政府和人民向远道而来的耶鲁大学的老师和青年朋友们表示热烈欢迎。他说,青年是世界的未来。当代青年,不仅肩负着开创本国人民美好未来的使命,而且肩负着开创世界人民美好未来的使命。加强中美两国青年交流,有利于两国青年相互学习和借鉴,有利于促进两国人民的相互了解和友谊,有利于推动两国关系健康稳定发展。胡锦涛希望耶鲁大学的老师和青年朋友们在中国多走走,多看看,亲身感受中国、深入了解中国、全面认识中国,同中国广大青年加强交流、增进友谊。携手并进、共创未来,为中美友好事业的发展做出宝贵贡献。(317 words)

【关键词】代表团representative group理查德·莱文Richard Levin


On May 6thafternoon, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with a representative group of 100teachers and students lead by Headmaster Richard Levin from Yale University inthe United States at the Great Hall of the People, taking pictures with themand delivering a warm speech. President Hu Jintao extended a warm welcome toYale University teachers and young friends on behalf of the Chinese governmentand people. He said that youth is the future of the world. Contemporary youth shoulderthe mission of creating a bright future not only for their own people, but forthe people of the world. Strengthening the youth exchanges between China andthe United States is beneficial to mutual learning and reference from bothyoung people, which is conducive to promoting mutual understanding andfriendship between the two peoples and promoting the healthy and stabledevelopment of bilateral relations. Hu Jintao hoped that teachers and youngfriends from Yale University in China could go around to visit more places andfeel China in personal, to understand China deeply and comprehensively, to communicateand enhance friendship with Chinese young people, to go hand in hand to createa better future and make valuable contributions to the development of Sino-USfriendship.